May 13, 2012

Sunday living - open space

Beautiful bright and open space, mix and match furniture, pop colors meet white - what's not to love? Happy Sunday living!

May 12, 2012

fabulous finds on

Fabulous finds found on

"Solid O.S.B. spheres. They sit flat on the ground and can be used as a seat or simply a sculptural object."
Sphere by MAY Furniture Co.

Key "is a highly modular storage system that ships flat and assembles easily- the only tool you need is a hammer. The parts are cleverly joined into an exceptionally strong structure by machined aluminum tenon keys. The wood is sustainably harvested, FSC certified maple or walnut plywood, finished with a zero VOC finish."

Key by housefish

Bolla 4  | "Standing 36 inches tall, the Bolla 4 serves as a contemporary storage system and a unique way to divide your room. Playfully designed with four open circular storage areas—perfect for magazines, board games or other items you want put away. This lightweight piece is a breath of fresh air."
Bolla 4 by David Winston

May 11, 2012

breadbox upcycle

Today I'm happy to present some of my recent upcycle projects on my blog.

This cute mid-century side table found me on a garage sale last year and I just couldn't resist. I was immediately in love with the simple and classic lines of this design style, yet felt sure it needed a splash of color.After plenty of sanding through two questionable coats of paint, I discovered a rather beautiful wood underneath. Treating the raw wood with only a little bit of white-wash kept the table top as pure and simple as possible, while adding the industrial lettering in high-gloss white kept a personal touch. To add some jazz I went with a bright and sunny yellow for the legs - the perfect color to have a good start into a new day. Please click here for the before picture of the side table.

Two little benches needed some serious love. Lots of sanding, a little bit of white wash and the initial of each of my kid's first name combined with their birth year turned into a shoe storage bench that adorns our entry hall. Click here for the before picture.

The secret lies in the simplicity of the upcycling process to create this coffee table.
I found an old work bench discarded on the side of the road which after some good sanding down, the addition of two 4x4 and large casters turned into the star of our living room. I love the vintage industrial look of the wood and it's the perfect height for resting your feet (allowed every now and then) or a fun family picnic get together. Click here for a before picture.

All images: Copyright 2012 Daniela Nelke,

May 10, 2012

little stools

I really like these little guys - they are easy going, good for sitting & reaching, fun in bold colors or neutral .. little stools are a must to have around.

May 9, 2012

black accent walls

Black walls don't have to be dark or depressing - take a look at these fun black accent walls: They look absolutely stunning, positive and inviting. The secret for this fresh look: keep the furniture, flooring and ceiling around it in light materials and colors.

May 8, 2012

grass green

Whether you chose to paint your walls, the ceiling, the kitchen cabinets or you only add a chair or rug - grass green is certainly a vibrant color.

Bo Bedre
The Meghan Method

May 7, 2012

over-sized letter love

I'm a big fan of over-sized letters - whether the industrial style or simply DIY painted onto furniture or the floor. Tell a story or simply use them as decoration. It's fun, it's stylish and I just love the look.

May 6, 2012

Sunday living - how about a daybed?

How about a daybed for Sunday living? Modern meets ethnic chic meets retro: exposed beams, clean high-ceiling walls, chair mix, silver plated Egyptian pendant lights and pop pink & purple colors - who wouldn't love to dive into a novel in here?

Godrich Interiors

May 4, 2012

aqua walls

Call it aqua, turquoise, or teal - throw in some vintage, some modern and you'll get a fresh look with a romantic feel to it.

May 3, 2012

painted stairs

Who says paint is just for your walls? Make a statement with your stairs: mix them up, go pink or only paint halfway. Either way, it certainly adds character.
Foto by Michael Graydon

May 1, 2012

rope walls

simple and stylish and even DIY material: walls out of rope. Whether they function as a room divider, curtain, or as wall decoration - they are certainly eye-catching.